Kelly Mitchelmore BID, artist/designer

"You paint because it feels good so swing easy kid." These simple words from Jean Mosher, my grandmother and teacher, have been the mantra for my life. From a life in the Canadian Navy to running a B&B I have toured the world, celebrated diversity, and painted along the way. I started painting at 13 with my grandmother and her paint group, their tutelage was the foundation for my art career. While I have been painting for almost 30 years I switched to the knife in 2010 and that is when I found the artist within and my own style and approach.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, I left the Canadian Navy after 14 years of service and went out West to Calgary to acquire my Bachelor of Interior Design at Mount Royal University. At this time I took various art classes such as perspective drawing, colour theory and watercolour techniques and fell in love with art again. I joined several art groups and showed at the Triangle gallery in downtown Calgary. I moved back home to Nova Scotia in 2007 and got serious about my painting quickly thereafter


I paint in both acrylic and oils and mostly create contemporary floral and scenery pieces with the knife. I use a heavy palette of bright hues and I tend to paint large - 24x48 gallery canvases are my favourite. I often shape my composition and forms as I paint - this allows me more freedom and an actual bond is created between me and my work. It comes to be as I paint - I like that.

I create in the basement studio of my large Victorian B&B in Windsor - Phoenix Hollow which suits me as I am a nocturnal painter - avoiding any natural light and closing off the windows so that the only light used is the light on my canvas. This way I control the play of light and my work has a bright concentrated look to it when in the daylight. I also love the warm ambience of candles and darkness in the background as I paint - it is soothing and provides no distraction. I paint standing up so that I can move quickly with knife strokes and enjoy loud music as I create. In the last few years I have had a break through with my work - I paint almost every day and have shipped my work internationally sharing. I see where my work is headed and I am excited -I am slowly becoming the artist I want to be. It would be remiss of me not to thank my husband Jonathan for this development of my skill and confidence. He is my biggest fan and supporter- without whom I would probably still be in the Navy trying to find my way home. Thank you, my little atlas.

I am constantly bringing art, community and charity together through shows, festivals, and associations as I am a huge believer that you get out of life, love, and art what you give into it. Sometimes you need to be your own momentum and hope that others will get caught up in the energy. Currently I am showing in various Maritime Locations and with several local shows - I am always looking for new students, commissions or showing opportunities so please feel free to contact me, and thank you for your interest in me and my work.

- Kelly

You can see Kelly's work at her home gallery at the Phoenix Hollow B&B.

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