Phoenix Hollow Gallery

We would like to announce that Phoenix Hollow B&B has retired from the hospitality industry and is now closed.

Ten years ago we came to Windsor NS with big hopes and high energy and put it all into our beautiful Victorian house and business - Phoenix Hollow B&B - and without regret it has been an incredible ride. The Windsor community has been so supportive and positive to us that 10 years has literally flown by. We have made new friends, created many, many memories and now this is not just our house - it is our home. So we want to say thank you - thank you Windsor and all of our amazing guests through the past 10 years.

While this is the end for the B&B it is just the beginning of the great art adventures of Kelly Mitchelmore; as the Hollow embarks on its next journey as my home studio and gallery. This is not a sad time - but a happy time. The B&B and my art work have been so equally successful that I needed to make a choice to allow one to grow - and I chose my art :) Through the outstanding support of the community and my patrons I am now showing coast to coast and I am able to focus solely on my painting now. So, the Phoenix Hollow B&B becomes simply Phoenix Hollow - my home studio gallery. Stay tuned for art events here at the Hollow and again thank you so very much for the last 10 years - onto the next adventure !!!

Kelly, Jonathan, Gypsy, Chirpa, & Daisy

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