Kelly Mitchelmore BID, artist/designer

Hi, meet me.

My name is Kelly and I like the colour red (red wine, red hair, red paint, red…. Well you get the picture)I am Nova Scotian born and raised and proud of it. I am a huge fan of "support local" and am involved with several local art festivals, charities, and associations – your community is only as good as you make it. Currently residing in Windsor Nova Scotia I paint in my studio with loud music and my dogs to keep me company My old Victorian home also doubles as my gallery called Phoenix Hollow and viewings are available by appointment.

I believe that art is a many facet thing both tangible and unreachable at the same time. It can be a simple print that made you smile or an incredible masterpiece that made you cry – it touches all of us differently. That's the magic. I hope you enjoy this example of my work and feel a little magic yourself – or at least a little smile……


I paint in both acrylic and oil and mostly create contemporary floral and scenery pieces using mainly knife. I use a heavy palette of bright hues and I tend to paint large . I often shape my composition and forms as I paint – this allows me more freedom and an actual bond is created between me and my work. It comes to be as I paint - I like that.

I am a nocturnal painter - avoiding any natural light and closing off the windows so that the only light used is the light on my canvas. This way I control the play of light and my work has a bright concentrated look to it when in the daylight. I also love the warm ambience of candles and darkness in the background as I paint - it is soothing and provides no distraction. I paint standing up so that I can move quickly with knife strokes and enjoy loud music as I create.

Thank you for both your time and support!

- Kelly