Kelly Mitchelmore BID, artist/designer

Kelly is known for her bold luminous paintings that are thick in texture and bright in colour. Painting in both acrylic and oil, she uses brushes and knives to create multiple layers of rich saturated hues that results in a deep and complex finish. Kelly is best known for her love of red and her signature paintings of poppies.  ” I am often asked if I will ever tire of painting poppies – I always immediately say no. When I paint poppies they are like coming home for me. There is a comfort and joy from the familiar shapes and welcoming shades of red. I often find myself smiling as I paint them. So while my style is evolving and no two poppies are the same – I will always come home :)”

Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly is a fan of “support local”, believing that your community is only as good as you make it . “Build strong to be strong” – Kelly is involved with everything from mentorship programs and bursaries,  to operating “A Is For Art” ( a free  art program aimed to support and promote local artists). Residing in Windsor, Kelly’s studio is in her Victorian home which also doubles as Phoenix Hollow Gallery. Open for viewings by appointment , Kelly would love to have you visit her and see her work ( she always has refreshments 🙂

Whether painting or teaching, or showing, Kelly enjoys a holistic art approach and encourages all art on all levels. Quick with a smile and corny jokes, she loves to paint in public and thrives on the positive energy around her. She can be found at most local Plien Air events and you can find her work in galleries across Canada.

“I believe that art is a many faceted thing both tangible and unreachable at the same time. It can be a simple print that made you smile or an incredible masterpiece that made you cry – it touches all of us differently. That’s the magic. ”


Kelly paints in both acrylic and oil and mostly creates contemporary floral and scenic pieces using some brush but mostly painting knives and trowels. Kelly prefers to paint on large stretched canvases or wooden panels using a heavy pallet of bright and intense colours. Not a fan of being confined or limited by structure, the shape and composition often form as she paints. This allows more freedom and a bond is formed between the artist and the work as they both go through the creation together. She is especially known for her love of red – which shows with her signature paintings of Poppies. Kelly paints standing and moves quickly to loud music – and has been known to just break out dancing with her puppies when a good song comes on 🙂

Kelly shows across Canada and she is also available for art talks and is experienced in teaching beginners acrylic painting classes. It should also be known that Kelly does not produce prints and has a copyright on all her work — each piece is a unique individual piece to you 🙂

” I paint because I can’t imagine not painting. And if I am lucky enough to support myself while doing something I can’t imagine not doing – well that’s the dream right ? – thank you all for allowing me to become the artist I hope to be :)”


Kelly presents a poppy painting to the RCMP Windsor Divsion